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Sanctuary of Sound - 2011

Sanctuary of Sound is one of the hottest compilations released by Chill Mode Records thus far. The chemistry from one track to the next is undeniably heavy.  SOS sets an intellectual, jazzy, bass driven vibe that will make you beg to hear more. The groovy, hypnotic atmosphere is provided by all the talented artists that have come together to create such an unforgettable listening experience. A few such artists featured are Last Soul Descendents (Houston, TX), Kenton & Hill (Houston, TX), Saru (Los Angeles, CA), Escape Artists (Los Angeles, CA), and I Wannabe (Ukraine). All tracks produced by Darren Roberts and Leah Moore from Last Soul Descendents.

Kenton & Hill - 2008

Chill Mode Records presents Kenton & Hill, a side project from Last Soul Descendents’ producer Darren Roberts. This masterpiece brings together live jazzy, funky, hip-hop grooves with heavy dance beats to create a unique sound. From the smooth sounds of All Access to the laid back vibe of Mista G's Voyage, each track takes you on a journey you won't forget. Kenton & Hill also features some very talented guest musicians that contribute to this masala of grooves making this a hard hitting project that you have to check out!!

Eclipse feat. Xczircles - 2008

Xczircle is a member of the Escape Artists out of Los Angeles, CA.  He teamed him up with LSD to create the project entitled Eclipse.  Their two styles combined produces some dark, descriptive, downtempo hip-hop.

The Passion feat. Meridith Evans - 2008

Another collaboration project entitled The Passion is with Meridith Evans from Columbus, OH and LSD.  Her seasoned vocals on top of LSD's hot House and DnB tracks are sizzling.  There also some great remixes included.

 Listen to Come To Me (Progressive Remix) feat. Meridith Evans   


Inner Visions - 2007

Last Soul Descendents’ seventh project and sixth available release, Inner Vision, produced by Darren Roberts. This release encompasses heavy bass Dub tracks along with a few deep, meditative grooves and features some very talented guest musicians/artists. LSD’s Inner Vision will put your mind in a state of musical bliss.

True Sol - 2006

Last Soul Descendents’ sixth project, True Sol, goes back to the root of it all - hard, gritty Trip-Hop at it’s finest. It has been four years since LSD released a project that wasn’t in their compilation series. The release title, True Sol, has a double meaning - who you really are and your inner light. LSD have created a mesh of hypnotic, yet energetic grooves accompanied by thought provoking, haunting lyrics. Every track has a story to tell, which will lead you to your own True Sol.

Chillicious - 2006

We are excited to announce Lisse Gruv, off of Progressive Tranquility, is featured on Waveform Records latest compilation.


Progressive Tranquility - 2005

Chill Mode Records and Last Soul Descendents presents their fifth release / second compilation featuring some veteran artists from the local Houston scene as well as a few new talents.

        Listen - Anymore

    Listen - Something About You feat. Karina Nistal

    Listen - Say Something feat. Jeremiah David

    Listen - Long Road feat. Dionne Banks         

Space City Grooves - 2004

Chill Mode Records presents Last Soul Descendents new compilation that features various local Houston artists.  This CD shows the versatility of L.S.D's production and is guaranteed to put you in the groove.

    Listen - Dub Theory


Last Soul Descendents first instrumental CD that consists of 10 mind elevating dub tracks.  Experience deep bass lines that will groove you into oblivion.

      Listen - Don't You Know

Chill Room (WE Records) – 2002

Last Soul Descendents is featured on WE Records compilation entitled Chill Room with their song Don’t You Know, which was released in the summer of 2002.  The laid-back groove and vocals is what makes their featured track stand out.

      Listen - Deja Vu

                                            Listen - Mystic Visions

2002 - 2002  

Last Soul Descendents recorded their second CD 2002 in their studio in the spring of 2002.  This CD shows the versatility and growth that has taken place with the experimentation of the music and vocal production.

       Listen - Life Is Strange

 Please Rewind And Play Again II (WE Records) – 1999

Last Soul Descendents is featured on WE Records compilation entitled Please Rewind And Play Again II with their song Life Is Strange, which was released in the summer of 1999.  Their featured track was the only track with vocals, which set them apart from the rest.